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From Being voted best Jazz Vocalist In 2014 to touring for many years with - the 2015 Grammy Award winner for best Reggae Album - Morgan Heritage, C.Lei has grown accustomed to playing to be her best and playing with the best.  When she was not touring and recording hit albums, C.Lei would exercise her talents in Television and Film.  If you look closely, you will see her in the house band of the Blockbuster movie ‘Coyote Ugly’ and as a house musician in both The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show and the Caroline Rhea show.  

Although it seemed like she had it all , C.Lei had become disillusioned by the ups and downs in the entertainment industry. During this time she started with a personal trainer/lifestyle coach.  Little did she know that the game she was signing up to play - The YourDay Balance Game i.e. YDBG - would transform her entire paradigm and the way she was living. Having emerged from this life transforming process, C.Lei has a new purpose, to be an ambassador of The YDBG which is a lifestyle that is anchored on the pillars of Health, Fitness, Love and Balance.  This lifestyle has empowered her to create a whole new career path in the music industry while most artist are feeling that they are in the twilight years of their career. 

She is inspired to have transformed herself into a pop artist and create a new genre of pop music which she calls Health and Fitness Pop.  H & F Pop is a fusion of strong and catchy melodies driven by progressive beats, high energy dance music and clear vocals with undertones of consciously empowering lyrics.  

C.Lei will use her music to inspire the world to Heal, Move, Love and return back to their center of balance. Her new vision is “Top 40 at 40”.  She is playing to be a Top 40 artist in her 40’s so that she reminds artist and fans that it is never too late to create your dreams when you have your health, you love life and you remain centered.

C.Lei Boss Lady lives in Atlanta, Ga with her partner, Day and their three children.



Visionary. Lifestyle Coach. Transformation Specialist. Father. Musician. Friend. These are just a few of the words to describe the man behind the music of 3D The Boss.  But perhaps what Day will be best known for is being the creator of the YourDay Balance Game - The YDBG.  The YDBG is a Health and Fitness platform powered by love and balance.  The philosophy of the YDBG is called Character Fitness and Day utilizes it to address the consciousness component of the game.  

Amongst so many great trainers, Day stands outs as a very unique player in the world of Health and Fitness.  Most trainers have a 2 dimensional outlook on health and fitness whereas Day brings it to you in 3D.  He offers the dimension of consciousness which creates a whole new context in which to experience your health, fitness and your life.  Imagine taking the fitness component of P90x or CrossFit; adding the lifestyle accountability of Weight Watchers and balancing it out with the consciousness of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and wrapping it all up into a life transforming game and you will have The YourDay Balance Game –  The YDBG.  The YDBG app, released to the public in November 2017, is a combination of Instagram meets Gamification meets Health and Fitness.  It is the platform where you can watch and play with Day and all the members of 3D The Boss.

As the Visionary of 3D The Boss, Day brings ingenuity and cleverness to the music game, using dance fitness, original live music and some of his own unique choreography to the 3D stage.  And as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach for the last 21 years, Day has over 100,000 hours of playing and coaching so he understands how to get the audience moving!   

Day lives in Atlanta, GA with his significant other and 3 children - who are all players of the game.  His current certifications  include ACE, pre and post natal, esquire stretch, TRX suspension and CPR certified.


Lady Bass

Lady Bass first picked up the drum sticks as a young girl because she could ‘just feel the beat in her soul”.  But it was seeing her GodSister Cornita Leonard playing the bass one Sunday in church that turned LB’s head to face the Bass and truly ignited her passion for music.

Not long after that special Sunday, Connie was teaching LB the fundamentals of how to play the 4 stringed instrument.  After only a few short weeks of practice, life tested LB to see if she was cut out for the job.  Her Godsister was leaving for college and passed the responsibility of bass to LB. In disbelief and nervous, LB gathered up the courage and bravery of a determined 8 year old and began to play.  “There were some eyes looking at me funny at first, but I knew they truly supported me too”.  Since that day, LB has never put the bass down and has grown accustomed to playing powerfully in all musical situations.

Like C.Lei, LB had grand dreams about making it as a solo jazz artist in the music business.  Her first album,”Starting Out”, was released independently in 1998.  For years she played in churches as well as clubs, festivals, corporate events and the like, but she too had become disillusioned by the ups and downs in the entertainment industry. And then, in 2001, LB suffered a heart attack and brushed closely with the shoulder of death.  Not long after her recovery, she met and befriended C.Lei and began sharing her music and her story.  It wasn’t long before C.Lei invited her to meet her personal trainer/lifestyle coach to help “Empower her and increase her health.  C.Lei told her that the game she was signing up to play - The YourDay Balance Game i.e. YDBG - would transform not only her health, but also the way she was experiencing life. It was LB’s exposure to and practice of the Game that gave her the courage to release her 2nd album, “Words, Thoughts and Feels” in 2016; and the space to have a new dream: “To Be The Bass that Harmonically fills and balances humanity from a cup that overflows with LOVE and higher conscious practices that are empowered by a healthy lifestyle and perspective. To acknowledge and welcome my truest self by courageously accepting all that I am; while purposely creating who I am becoming, with Hawk-like focus.  In order to inspire and mentor a new generation of musical families that produces self-sustainable wealth, enduring peace and orgasmic relationships.” Lady Bass is transformed into a health and fitness pop artist that will create a new paradigm of sustainable musical relationships.  She is also the music director of 3D The Boss and reminds artists and fans that it is always possible to change the direction of your life and create a new reality when health is your wealth and joy is your abundant birthright.

Lady Bass lives in Atlanta, Ga.