C.Lei Boss Lady

C.Lei has had a very long and successful career as a Jazz Artist and a Musician.  

From Being voted best Jazz Vocalist In 2014 to touring for many years with - the 2015 Grammy Award winner for best Reggae Album - Morgan Heritage, C.Lei has grown accustomed to playing to be her best and playing with the best.  

When she was not touring and recording hit albums C.Lei would exercise her talents in Television and Film.  If you look closely, you will see her in the house band of the Blockbuster movie ‘Coyote Ugly’ and as a house musician in both The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show and the Caroline Rhea show.  

Although it seemed like she had it all , C.Lei had become disillusioned by the ups and downs in the entertainment industry. During this time she started with a personal trainer/lifestyle coach.  Little did she know that the game she was signing up to play - The YourDay Balance Game i.e. YDBG - would transform her entire paradigm and the way she was living. Having emerged from this life transforming process, C.Lei has a new purpose, to be an ambassador of The YDBG which is a lifestyle that is anchored on the pillars of Health, Fitness, Love and Balance.  This lifestyle has empowered her to create a whole new career path in the music industry while most artist are feeling that they are in the twilight years of their career.

She is inspired to have transformed herself into a pop artist and create a new genre of pop music which she calls Health and Fitness Pop.  H & F Pop is a fusion of strong and catchy melodies driven by progressive beats, high energy dance music and clear vocals with undertones of consciously empowering lyrics.  

C.Lei will use her music to inspire the world to Heal, Move, Love and return back to their center of balance. Her new vision is “Top 40 at 40”.  She is playing to be a Top 40 artist in her 40’s so that she reminds artist and fans that it is never too late to create your dreams when you have your health, you love life and you remain centered.